Author - Neal Chauhan


The Vista Centre which houses the Indian Visa and Consular Application Centre has turned to MediaBase Direct (MBD) to improve upon its visitor management and strengthen the building risk assessment. The multi-let office which is ideally located by London’s Heathrow Airport required a digital alternative to its traditional paper books and is now utilising MBD’s e-Reception Book electronic solution. A great number of people pass through the Vista Centre’s reception area every day, which prompted the Facilities Director Neal Chauhan to [...]

Entrance Gates

Since taking over the building, we have had brand new gates installed around the perimeter to optimise safety and security. Previously, there was a barrier system in place. This has now been replaced by a new, automated steel gate across all vehicle entrances and exits. To further enhance tenant security as well as the accessibility and versatility of the building, we have also fitted a new, gated pedestrian entrance and exit on the side of the building. These entrances are linked [...]