Author - Jagmeet

Surrounding Trees

Upon taking over The Vista Centre, one of our first projects was to cut down all the surrounding trees in order to enhance the building’s appearance. When the trees were in place, the building couldn’t clearly be seen from the road – there were even a few complaints from visitors who had been unable to see where the building was from the bottom of the road!

Internet and Telephone Upgrade

As part of our commitment to providing our tenants with the most reliable internet and telephone services, over the past year, we’ve been carrying out hardware upgrades throughout Vista Centre. Our aim is to bring the premises in line with industry standards. Updates include: 1)         Multiple Dedicated Fibre Internet Connections: We house multiple 100Mbps (uncontended, Upload and Download) internet pipes that are delivered over dedicated fibre connections to the building. These services are constantly monitored, both by our in-house [...]


When we first took over The Vista Centre, our lighting bill was through the roof! This was due to the building being open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, meaning the lights are constantly on. Not only is this expensive, in some cases it can also be a fire risk. To address this, we’ve replaced most of the lighting in the building to LEDs. This project is still underway – as well as swapping fluorescent lights with LED [...]