Author - Jagmeet

Parking Facilities

Parking is one of the most important facilities in any office building, especially for building of this size. With online parking systems becoming more and more common in car parks around the UK, we decided to introduce one in our car park to make it easier to park and pay. Not only we have introduced a online parking system, but we have also installed a new Pay and Display Machine at the front of the car park for visitors who [...]

Black Friday Deal!

Looking for office space? Why not have a look at our amazing Black Friday Deal only valid for 5 days from Thursday 23rd November 2017.   For further details contact us on 02085380100 or email on   Dont be too late!!

Flooring in Reception

Although we loved the old marble flooring, black wasn’t the best choice of colour. In a building that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you simply cannot have a black floor as you can easily see any dust and or dirt that accumulates between cleans. Instead, we decided to go with dark brown, vinyl laminated flooring. Laminated flooring is much quicker a keep it looking its best. Having laminated flooring makes the building much warmer and cleaner.


Due to the closure of the existing on-site restaurant, we are currently planning to open our new branded cafeteria – Zinc Coffee, an urban coffee brand. Zinc Coffee’s aim is to create an appealing and effective brand concept that is quality-driven and independent in the wider context of the centre. Zinc Coffee will be located next to the entrance of The Vista Centre and will target a variety of visitors including young professionals, families, staff, and fast customer flow [...]

Colours on Different Floors

In a typical office building, you’ll usually find plain, white walls. But we wanted to do something different, that would catch the eyes of potential tenants and visitors coming into the building. Below, you’ll find a few pictures of what our lift lobby area looks like now. Hope you like it!

Board Room

We have recently just re-opened our conference room. But this time there’s a difference! For us, the previous space just didn’t feel like a proper conference room and there was lots of work to be done! You can see from the pictures above that there is a huge difference between how the conference room looked before, and how it looks now:   Ceiling and walls – these were refurbished to allow us to soundproof the conference room for privacy.   Television – Few people [...]

Security System and CCTV

The building is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days. With this in mind, an up to date security system is essential to ensure that tenants and visitors are safe when working in the office late at night. When Acre 1176 first took over the building, we felt that it was unsafe and needed better security to ensure that tenants were safe and felt reassured. At this point, there were only 5 security cameras in [...]

Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus plays one of the most important roles for The Vista Centre. The nearest train station is Hounslow West Station, which by walk is 20-30 mins. Now, we wouldn’t expect you to walk for half an hour in the winter to reach the tube station, or stand around in the cold waiting for the 423 bus to come! When we took over The Vista Centre, we hired a 7-seater minibus from a Chauffeur company, including a driver. When [...]

Lift Modernisation

When taking over The Vista Centre, our goal was to enhance the centre’s image and maximise it’s potential. The lifts are one of the centre’s key features and they were in need of a facelift so we undertook a full modernisation programme. There were some major disruptions during working hours, but this was all to improve the overall building image. We’re really thankful to all of our occupiers for their patience and understanding during this period. The lifts are now immaculate [...]

Coffee Machine & Vending Machines

Just a few months after we had taken over The Vista Centre, we started introducing the vending machines. We felt that tenants were having to go to the nearest shops, which meant leaving the building just to get a drink. We felt that introducing vending machines and coffee machines into the building would allow tenants and visitors to access the refreshments they needed without having to leave the centre. Our coffee machine offers different types of coffee, ranging from Lattes [...]